With over 500 high-value projects in our portfolio, Cawley Architects is one of the most prolific architectural firms in Arizona. For more than 20 years, we have been applying our uniquely collaborative approach to project management in order to create buildings of superior form, function and value. During that time it has been our privilege to participate in some of the top commercial projects throughout the Valley along with an exceptional group of clients, contractors, and design professionals.

We are knowledgeable in the specialized architectural requirements, technologies and trends of many building types. This includes: Industrial, Healthcare, Bioscience, Restaurant, Entertainment, Office, Commercial, Automotive, Manufacturing, Distribution, Aerospace, Retail and Tenant Improvement. From small neighborhood bistros to large biotech laboratories, we have the expertise, resources, and connections to serve your needs and execute your plan — and provide you with unsurpassed value.


1.shermSherman Cawley
President   Read more…

A native Arizonan, Sherman Cawley has practiced architecture in Phoenix for thirty-five years, primarily in the design-build commercial arena. Sherm graduated from Cornell University with a degree in architecture, and returned to Arizona in 1979. After perfecting his craft in a small design studio for 13 years, he founded Cawley Architects in 1994. By collaborating with many of the Valley’s foremost builders, Cawley Architects quickly became one of the premier design-build architectural firms in Arizona. Sherm is responsible for corporate management and client development and has designed hundreds of buildings, comprising millions of square feet of commercial and industrial space since the inception of the firm in 1994. Among clients, Sherm is known for his optimistic outlook, attention to detail, and architectural leadership.

1.paulPaul Devers Jr.
Vice President / Design Director   Read more…

Paul Devers, Jr. is the Vice President of Cawley Architects and has been with the company since 1999. As the Design Director for the firm, he is actively involved with the management and development of the creative process and signature designs of the firm. In addition, he is active in the ongoing management of the company. Mr. Devers received his Bachelors of Architecture from Texas Tech University in 1974 and currently holds professional registrations in Arizona, Texas, and New Mexico. He is also a member of the National Council of Registration Board. He has practiced as an Architect since 1977 and has lived in Phoenix since 1990. During his 40-year career, he has provided architectural services for a variety of project types including office, retail, industrial, banking, corporate, hospitality, medical, and high technologies ranging from renovations to multimillion-dollar facilities. Paul and his wife also enjoy traveling, including getting the most out of their second home in Rocky Point.

1.kevinKevin Fawcett
Associate / Project Director   Read more…

Kevin Fawcett is a Project Director and an Associate with Cawley Architects. He has 20 years of experience as an Architect in Arizona. Most recently he was the Director of Southwest Operations for a mid-sized architectural firm in Phoenix, where he was responsible for day to day operations and design. Kevin is a dedicated director, and excels in mentoring his staff. He received his Master of Architecture (Davis Scholarship) as well as a Bachelor of Science in Design, from Arizona State University. Kevin has extensive experience in projects for the banking, healthcare, office, hospitality, retail and commercial arena’s. He has also contributed to improving the firm’s contract administration resources and procedures. Kevin is also an avid outdoorsman. He recently led a rim to rim hike through the Grand Canyon that required crossing the Colorado River in one man inflatable rafts.

1.raphaelRafael Macias
QA / QC Director   Read more…

Rafael Macias is the Quality Assurance/Quality Control Director for the firm. His role is a cornerstone of the office’s services, insuring the coordination and confirmation of every drawing package the office produces. His role also includes maintaining and improving our documentation process, and includes all contract administration follow through. Rafael’s expertise includes more than 20 years of project management, construction administration, QA/QC review and business development in the Valley. His experience includes multi-family commercial high rise, office and medical condominiums and millions of square feet of commercial projects. And on the weekends, Rafael can often be found taking his Harley Davidson out for a spin.

1.roseannRoseAnn Ebben
Senior Project Manager   Read more…

RoseAnn Ebben is Cawley Architects longest tenured Project Manager, and has over the years developed a following among our clients. Her career started with Cawley Architects 9 years ago when she relocated to Arizona after graduation from the University of Wisconsin at Stevens Point. A Wisconsin native, she graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Interior Architecture. With her precise drawings and extensive coordination skills, RoseAnn has grown to be responsible for creating and coordinating the drawing packages for our largest and most complicated projects. She continues to grow in her capabilities, and has become the offices drawing package resource for the entire staff. And while not baking goodies for the office (weekly) she is busy camping in her new travel trailer with her fiancé all around Arizona.

1.LynnetteLynette Dreitz
Accounting Manager   Read more…

Immediately after joining Cawley Architects as our Accounting Manager in 2013, Lynette introduced us to new accounting software and project management procedures that have increased our efficiency and improved our production. And as a long time member of the design community in Phoenix in various roles as a Finance Director, Controller and Office Manager, she is an invaluable resource to the Cawley team on issues such as HR and profitability. Lynette also hosts a Deltek Ajera Users Group (accounting software) here at Cawley Architects each month, and organizes the agenda for the benefit of other design and engineering offices that share the same accounting and project management interests.