With over 900 high-value commercial building projects in our portfolio, Cawley Architects is one of Arizona’s most prolific commercial architectural firms. For more than 29 years, we have been applying our uniquely collaborative approach to project management to create commercial buildings of superior form, function, and value. During that time, it has been our privilege to participate in some of the top commercial building projects throughout the Valley along with an exceptional group of clients, contractors, and design professionals.

We know the specialized architectural requirements, technologies, and trends of many building types. This includes Industrial, Manufacturing, Distribution, Healthcare, Bioscience, Retail, Restaurant, Entertainment, Office, Automotive, Aerospace, and Multi-Family. From small neighborhood bistros to large biotech laboratories, we have the expertise, resources, and connections to serve your needs, execute your plan, and provide unsurpassed value.



In 2019, Cawley Architects celebrated its 25th anniversary by naming four new partners! Over the years, Sherman Cawley and Paul Devers have built an exceptional team and have been fortunate to win many honors, awards, and accolades through the efforts of our most important asset – our staff. We take great pride in elevating Kevin Fawcett, David Fulk, Rafael Macias, and Lynette Dreitz to our partnership. Each brings their unique set of skills to those that we developed and fostered during the first 25 years. As we look forward to our futures at Cawley Architects, we’re committed to working with you and our new partners to continue to promote our values, high standards, and exemplary customer service.

1.shermSherman Cawley
FounderRead more…

480.697.3970 x101Sherman Cawley is a native Arizonan. He received his bachelor’s degree in architecture from Cornell University and has practiced architecture in the Valley for 45 years. Starting as a sole practitioner during the savings and loan collapse in 1990, he has led the firm through periods of incremental growth and market ups and downs to increasing success. In 1999 Paul Devers joined him as a partner, and together with the rest of the team, they have grown the company to become one of the premier architectural firms in Arizona. Since the firm’s inception, Sherman has concentrated on solving many of the shortcomings of traditional services delivery, primarily through the design-build approach to delivering projects. He has collaborated with many of the Valley’s foremost builders to produce over 900 buildings and 20 million square feet of commercial, institutional, and industrial space. He excels in project leadership, creating a templated project approach that empowers the staff to take maximum responsibility for their projects, with a commensurate amount of team satisfaction. He is known for his optimistic outlook, attention to detail, and leadership skills. With many award-winning projects and an ever-increasing corporate capability, Sherm looks forward to the next phase of the company’s continued success.

Over time, I have realized the importance of the phrase “All of Working is Learning,” By honoring that in every staff member’s career path, we create the environment for ever-increasing employee satisfaction and their maximum contribution to the success of our client’s projects.

1.paulPaul Devers
Architect | President EmeritusRead more…

480.697.3971 x102Paul Devers is President of Cawley Architects and has been co-director and Sherm’s partner for nearly 25 years. So it was logical two years ago that Paul assumed the company’s lead as Sherm stepped back from projects to focus on the company’s transition. Paul has practiced as an architect since 1977 and moved to the Valley in 1990. During his 46-year career, he has designed and delivered a multitude of project types, including office, retail, industrial, banking, corporate, hospitality, medical, education, and high technologies. And as a Cawley principal, he has produced hundreds of facilities comprising millions of square feet throughout Arizona, Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, and Colorado. Paul is a leader in the industry. His thoughtful demeanor and comprehensive grasp of design and construction have inspired loyalty from corporate clients such as Adelante Healthcare and Ottawa University, who have commissioned him to design signature projects that set their facilities apart. And as president, he has provided the leadership necessary for an ever-increasing portfolio of larger complex corporate and institutional projects. Out of the office, Paul and his wife spend time with their family and travel to their second home in Rocky Point, Mexico.

“I have been fortunate to work with many business owners in the Valley, guiding them through the design and construction process and partnering with them to achieve their business goals.” —Paul

1.kevinKevin Fawcett
Principal Architect | CEO | Studio DirectorRead more…

480.697.3983 x114Kevin Fawcett is a Principal Architect and Studio Director at Cawley Architects. Kevin has almost 30 years of experience as an architect with registrations in California and Arizona. His previous experience includes stints as the Director for Southwest Operations for a mid-sized firm based in Minnesota and as a Principal at a smaller, Scottsdale-based boutique firm focusing on higher-end design. Kevin is a dedicated director focusing on design, project delivery, firm management, and mentoring across the firm. He received his Master of Architecture (Davis Scholarship) and Bachelor of Science in Design from Arizona State University. Kevin’s professional experience runs the gamut of architectural specializations. He has developed projects in light and heavy industrial, office, financial, healthcare, and retail sectors. He has achieved success in all these endeavors. Kevin is also an avid outdoorsman and spends much of his free time backpacking the Colorado Plateau and the Grand Canyon, where he has covered nearly all the existing rim-to-river trails.

“Architecture is the intersection of art and commerce. A good architect is cognizant of the importance of both to their clients.” —Kevin

1.David FulkDavid Fulk
Principal Architect | President | Studio DirectorRead more…

480.697.3997 x127David Fulk is Architectural Project Director at Cawley Architects, a position he has held since 2016. David is responsible for client contact, innovative building design, project execution, and coordination with all relevant permitting entities. He excels at managing and directing projects, mentoring, helping develop staff, and engaging in business development. Having practiced for 30 years as an architect in Arizona and Colorado, David has extensive experience in multiple areas, including educational, high-tech industrial, healthcare, office, hospitality, retail, and master planning projects. David possesses significant experience designing unique projects in different locations in the US, Mexico, Chile, and India, utilizing an understanding of regional and cultural influences. A native of San Diego, David was raised in Chicago and Denver. He holds a BS in architectural studies from Arizona State University and a Master of Architecture degree from the University of New Mexico. Outside the office, David enjoys snowboarding, hunting and fishing, camping, snorkeling, visiting art museums, and gardening.

“Architectural leadership is about great solutions from even greater architectural design.” —David

1.raphaelRafael Macias
Principal | Chief Construction Administration OfficerRead more…

480.697.3988 x118Rafael Macias is a Principal Director of Construction Administration, QA/QC at Cawley Architects, and was named a partner in the firm. Rafael’s expertise includes over 40 years of project management, construction management, construction administration, QA/QC review, Design Build, and business development in the Valley. His role is the cornerstone of the office’s services, ensuring the coordination and confirmation of every set of construction documents the office produces. Rafael’s role also includes maintaining and improving our construction documentation process, mentoring staff, and all construction administration follow-through. His experience includes commercial high-rise, light and heavy industrial, office condos, hospitality, retail sectors, banking, multi-family, and medical condominiums. Rafael defines leadership as communicating effectively and providing vision and direction to the client, contractor, and design team. As a principal, he leads by making decisions in the client’s best interest and inspires his team to become their best at problem-solving. He leads by mentoring others and ensuring that the architectural vision of the project comes to fruition.

On the weekends, Rafael can often take his custom Harley Davidson Road King out for a ride, and his other ride is a 1950 Mercury Coupe Custom Chopped Lead Sled classic car that he takes at the shows while cruising low and slow around town.

“Learn from your mentors who are willing to teach you to be successful in your future career.” – Rafael

1.LynnetteLynette Dreitz Fort
Principal | Chief Financial Officer   Read more…

480.697.3985 x116Lynette Dreitz Fort is the Cawley Architects Director of Finance and Administration. As a Principal, Lynette oversees all financial and administrative operations and provides strategic guidance to support the company’s long-term success. She is a highly skilled finance professional with a strong financial reporting, budgeting, and forecasting background. She is an organized thinker and influential leader passionate about driving business growth and profitability. In addition, Lynette is innovative and highly focused on delivering the highest caliber of customer experience and communication for Cawley Architects’ clients.

Lynette also promotes a workplace culture that makes Cawley Architects one of Phoenix’s leading firms in which to work. They have been Ranking Arizona’s number one small architectural firm in the past six years and one of the ten best offices to work for in Real Estate for most of those. Additionally, with an office staff of 40% women, she supports other women by providing training resources and the mentorship necessary for them to succeed. Her leadership growth has led her to become a leader with AZCREW. This nationwide commercial real estate organization exists to transform the industry by advancing women locally and globally.
Lynette likes to spend time with her husband and friends in her free time. During baseball season, you can find her at the ballpark rooting on the Arizona Diamondbacks.

“Leadership is about respect, understanding, and the self-awareness to recognize our strengths and weaknesses to empower others.” —Lynette



Cawley Architects continues to hone the firm’s leadership skills and professional capability by establishing three Associates. Earning the roles are RoseAnn Linsmeyer, Justen Cassidy, and Gordon DuSell.

Our Associates are our future leaders in management and innovation, and we look to them to become role models by promoting mentorship, fellowship, advocacy, and service, as well as possessing excellent architectural skills. Our Associates are senior-level project architects or managers that we recognize for their exceptional value and contribution to the firm, the architectural profession, and the community. Associates are respected and admired for their ability to perform unique organizational functions and are regarded as integral to our companies’ long-term success.

1.roseannRoseAnn Linsmeyer
Interior Designer (NCIDQ) | Associate | Studio DirectorRead more…

480.697.3991 x121RoseAnn Linsmeyer is an Associate at Cawley Architects. She is also the Director of the in-house Cawley Design Studio interiors department. She has been with the firm since 2006 and brings an exceptional architectural background and vibrant flair to her designs. RoseAnn has 10+ years of architectural expertise, contributing constructability knowledge and how best to incorporate a cohesive interior design. RoseAnn is responsible for programming, space planning, and all design elements. Additional services she provides include finish plans, lighting, wall treatments, signage, graphic and furniture integration. She is a Certified Interior Designer with NCIDQ (National Council for Interior Design Qualification), an accomplishment of which she says she is extremely proud. RoseAnn is currently the President of the IIDA Southwest Chapter 2023-24 Board of Directors. Away from the office, the Appleton, Wisconsin, native enjoys participating in yoga, cooking/baking, and traveling.

“Find and commit to your ‘why’ in this business so that each day you feel just as driven and accomplished as the day before.” —RoseAnn.

1.Justen CassidyJusten Cassidy
Project Architect | Associate | Studio DirectorRead more…

480.697.3982 x113Justen Cassidy is an Associate Director at Cawley Architects, in charge of overseeing all facets of project design. He also serves as the project’s primary contact for the design team. Justen’s experience with many project and construction types, coupled with his attention to detail, perfectly positions him to drive projects forward to meet client goals. With 12 years of experience, the Pittsburgh native has successfully supervised and delivered residential, healthcare, retail, restaurant, and various industrial projects. Previously he was the Client Manager for national clients at a mid-sized architectural firm with multiple offices in the U.S. Justen is a strong leader, guiding Cawley Architects staff and the engineering team through all project phases. He is a member of NCARB. Away from the office, Justen enjoys off-roading, working on his house (home improvement), reading in a hammock, and playing video games.

“There’s almost always somebody who has done what you’re attempting. Ask the right questions and arrive at the answer more quickly.” —Justen

1.Gordon DuSellGordon DuSell
Project Architect | Associate | Construction Administration ManagerRead more…

480.697.3979 x110Gordon DuSell is an Associate at Cawley Architects, serving as Senior Construction Administration Manager and Lead Specifications Writer. He is responsible for promoting and maintaining the highest architectural design quality and innovation levels. He supports the Directors in project management by consistently advancing the firm’s technical and professional proficiency while providing direction on material assemblies and construction management. Gordon mentors the junior staff and works closely with the QA/QC Director to facilitate exceptional service delivery to each of the firm’s clients. Using an ability to analyze each project, he is rewarded when the firm’s clients accomplish their projects as intended, and often, with even better than expected outcomes. Gordon was born in Illinois, grew up in Central New York, and has lived in Phoenix for 30 years. He is the child of artist parents. Art and architecture, he says, were everyday life for him. Away from the office, Gordon enjoys Bible study, painting, sculpture, vehicle restoration/modification, fitness training, and hiking. He holds a Master’s of Architecture degree from Tulane University. Gordon is a licensed architect in Arizona and a member of NCARB.

“Good or bad, remember your ‘Thank you, Lords’.” —Gordon


1.Robert EricksonRobert Erickson
Principal Architect | Chief Operations Officer   Read More

480.697.3995 x125
Bob Erickson is a Project Director at Cawley Architect with 36 years of experience, expertise, and influence in the design and construction industry. He assists with the success of all his project phases involving program and project management, design and construction, client satisfaction and retention, and internal staff development. Before joining the firm, Bob opened the Phoenix office for Corgan Associates in 2004 and grew it to an eventual staff of more than 50. He has experience working in every facet of architecture, demonstrating empathy and understanding of developing client relations and ongoing repeat business in multiple market sectors. He has extensive experience assisting clients with master planning, facility assessments, concept fit analysis, and vision and programming. He is a mentor who constantly focuses on employee engagement, leadership, and staff development. In his free time, he enjoys playing golf, hiking, and spending time with his family. A native of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, Bob was a high school state championship wrestler who played football for two years at the University of Oklahoma.

“Determine your passion, then pursue a career to further your passion. This will ensure a successful, happy life in never having a ‘job.’” —Bob

1.Christopher BartaChristopher Barta
Architectural Project Coordinator III   Contact
1.Bryanna ChavezBryanna Chavez
Architectural Project Coordinator II   Contact
1.Jeff DucayJeff Ducay
Architectural Project Coordinator III   Contact
1.Tisha EdmondsonTisha Edmondson
Finance & Office Administrator   Contact
1.Lucia EverettLucia Everett
Architectural Project Coordinator III   Contact
1.Carrie FennellyCarrie Fennelly
Architectural Project Coordinator III   Contact
1.Sarah McGahaSarah McGaha
Business Development Coordinator   Contact
1.Chris NorstromChris Norstrom
Architectural Project Coordinator III   Contact
1.Richie PooleRichie Poole
Architectural Project Coordinator III   Contact
1.Kristian RutkowskiKristian Rutkowski
Design Visualization and Technology Manager   Contact
1.Jinia SarkarJinia Sarkar
Architectural Project Coordinator III   Contact
1.Laura StineLaura Stine
Interior Project Coordinator II   Contact
1.Tobey ToneyTobey Toney
Architectural Project Coordinator III   Contact