Ray Road Retail

9,275 SF | Retail Shell | Chandler Arizona

This 9,200 SF shell retail building is designed for multiple automotive tenants. It features a dual-entrance façade to accommodate two tenants, and the glass storefront glazing between them can be replaced with glass roll-up doors for auto entrances. The side of the building includes a roll-up door as well, to allow through-traffic to exit the facility.

Owner: Pavilions Holdings LLC
Contractor: Alexander Building Company

Mr. Shine Car Wash

10,110 SF | Car Wash facility | Peoria Arizona

This all-new car wash concept is unique to the US, and Mr. Shine is only the second car wash in the nation to launch it. The new model incorporates an express wash tunnel with a second free-standing detail building. The building is conveyor operated, and technicians detail the interior of the car while standing on the same conveyor that transports the vehicle. The specially designed and constructed conveyor is 12 feet wide and includes the essential technology required to facilitate these specialized services.

Owner: S & A Investors
Contractor: MDB Enterprises

Express Oil

4,995 SF | Auto Repair Facility | Various Sites in Metro Phoenix

This car care concept is new to Arizona. Express Oil Change & Tire Engineers is a popular car care chain in the South and has recently been brought to Arizona. They specialize in both an express 10-minute oil change and also complete general mechanical, auto and fleet service care. The building is divided into an express oil wing on one side, and a full mechanical repair wing on the other. The oil change wing has basement access for the technicians, and the service bay has a clear height that enables car lifts. Cawley Architects has completed three of these centers in the Valley in the last five years.

Owner: Express Oil Change LLC
Contractor: GCON

Super Star Car Washes

4,900 SF Typical | Express-style Auto Car Wash | Various Sites in Arizona & California

Like so many current popular retail concepts, Super Star Car Wash uses the “site adaption” model when developing its facilities. We are responsible for the refinement and design of car washes for Super Star Car Wash throughout Arizona and California. Our design opportunities include adapting one of three different tunnel designs to each site and securing all use permits and entitlements necessary for eventual approval. The process focuses on the refinement of the concept and continued improvement of our internal efficiency and project delivery.

Owner: Super Star Car Wash LLC
Contractor: AP Global