Photos: Dustin Revella Photography & Design

AF Steel

62,951SF | Fabrication Facility  | Gila River Indian Community

The new AF Steel fabrication facility is Cawley’s second production facility for this family-owned steel fabrication business. Built on 7 acres in a specialty development zone within the Gila River Indian Community, this facility provides more than 52,000 SF of fabrication space and approximately 10,000 SF of administrative and break space. The building design focuses on this company’s strengths: large structural steel framing. The fabrication space has been treated as an open-air environment with various shading and cooling strategies. These also allow the structural frame of the building to be expressed throughout. For building cladding, a desire to reflect again this company’s core business pointed the Cawley team towards a series of metal panel cladding solutions. Great care was taken to provide a simple, cost-effective, and functional building that catches drivers’ eye up and down the I -10 corridor south of Chandler, AZ.

Owner: Arizona Fireplaces
Interior Design: Cawley Design Studio
Contractor: Willmeng Construction