Photos: Dustin Revella Photography & Design

Felix Construction

31,800 SF | Three Building Industrial Headquarters | Phoenix, Arizona

The Felix Construction project is a best-in-class example of a client that understood its competitive challenges and commissioned a project to attract new staff and maintain employee retention. They envisioned a campus that would become the centerpiece of workplace satisfaction for the next twenty-five years, and Cawley and Haydon delivered with unqualified success.

Felix Construction is a three-building light industrial campus in south Phoenix designed for one of the Southwest’s largest water and wastewater contractors. As part of their continued growth in this infrastructure arena, they made the bold decision to consolidate their three far-flung facilities into this single headquarters campus in South Phoenix.

The project is a design build delivery teaming Cawley Architects with Haydon Building Corp. The centerpiece of the project is their 12,700 SF single-story Administrative Services Building. Behind this building in their secured yard is their 14,100 SF Panel /Warehouse Shop and their 5,000 SF Mechanical/Maintenance Shop. The three buildings keep functions separated to isolate and smooth out vehicular traffic, pedestrian circulation, and noise and distractions.

The Administration Building was specifically designed to attract new and young talent into their organization. The Cawley Design Studio provided the interior design services. These included many offices for private workspaces as an incentive for staff. It also featured a calming open office environment and many amenities and workflow enhancements; The unique interior design emphasizes bright colors, dramatic signage and visuals, and a contemporary approach to collaboration and touchdown spaces.

The panel shop is a particular point of pride for Felix. They manufacture all of the electrical control panels for their projects. These panels are highly complex and allow them to customize and assure the quality of all their installations. They are assembled and tested in this building.

The testament to the project’s success is that Felix’s senior leadership expected some staff to decline to relocate from their current remote facilities because of commute and logistical concerns. However, to date, 100% of their entire 120+ person staff has relocated successfully and has enthusiastically adopted the new campus environment. Mission Accomplished!

Owner: Felix Construction
Contractor: Haydon Building Corp
Interiors: Cawley Design Studio