Photos: Dustin Revella Photography & Design

Decorative Trim

18,600 SF | Light Industrial Building | Gilbert, Arizona

Decorative Trim is an architectural wood door and trim company in Gilbert specializing in wood products for the residential construction industry. Their forte’ is customized designs for wood doors and entrances. The company purchased this long-vacant light industrial building in Gilbert and hired our team to design and build out the facility. It features an extensive woodshop for their production lines, and an office area designed to reflect a distinctive residential feel. The beautifully lit reception area is inviting and promotes a quiet dignity. The office walls were kept low in height to highlight the architectural idea of comfortable offices “inside” a tall, light industrial building. Also, the design includes elements of Decorative Trim’s wood product line, fabricated into decorative panels and accents throughout.

Owner: Decorative Trim
Contractor: LGE Design Build
Interiors: Iconic Design Studio