Photos: Dustin Revella Photography & Design

Metso Copperstate

39,541 SF | Industrial and Regional Headquarters Building | Mesa, Arizona      

Metso Copperstate’s parent company is one of the world’s largest suppliers for open pit mining equipment.  This new facility allows them to produce and repair equipment efficiently. The large windows on the front façade flood the office and conference spaces with natural light. And the façade design makes a visual reference to the natural layers of the earth. Complimentary materials such as steel and timber accents are used on the exterior and interior areas along with moments of bright color. The workers and projects of Metso are highlighted on the collage wall at the reception area to commend the work that the company provides. The workshop and repair areas allow for both interior and exterior jobs to be performed and are easily accessible for vehicles and workers.

Owner: Metso Copperstate, Inc.
Contractor: LGE Design Build
Interiors: Iconic Design Studio