Photos: Dustin Revella Photography & Design

Adelante Healthcare – West Phoenix

40,166 SF | Healthcare | Phoenix, Arizona

Adelante Healthcare is a nationally recognized, comprehensive, community-based, primary healthcare provider. Their West Phoenix Health Center is located in the recently redeveloped Metro Center in Phoenix Arizona.

Designed to accommodate over 40,000 SF of “Class A” multi-disciplinary medical office space, the interior includes Family Medicine, Pediatrics, Internal Medicine, Women’s Health and Dental services

The interior design by the RoseAnn Linsmeyer and the Cawley Design Studio was not only conceived as a renovation to their current finish palette and workflow chart, but also to be an expression of Adelante’s heritage.  The new fiesta color palette provides pops of color and helps to distinguish each department in an open medical office setting.  Natural light brought in through skylights distinguishes wayfinding and provides patients with feelings of healing and restoration.

Owner/Developer: Adelante Healthcare
Contractor: SAB/Chasse Building Team
Interior Design: Cawley Design Studio